Braised Beef Short Rib Sliders


It’s that time of year again in New England.  Nights are getting chilly, and daylight gives way to family time in our warm homes.  We start gravitating to those slow cooked meals that are synonymous with autumn and winter…those comfort items that satisfy us and warm us through, like hearty soups, stews and slow cooked meats.

The recipe I chose to highlight is one that developed from leftovers, believe it or not.  Braising is one of my favorite cooking techniques, so when it is time to braise some beef short ribs or veal osso buco, I tend to make more than what we need for dinner- resulting in readily available options for the next day (or a midnight snack: guilty as charged).

All the components to these Braised Short Rib Sliders can be made ahead, and simply assembled when you want them.  This recipe was written to yield roughly 2 dozen sliders- perfect for a cocktail party or tailgating.

The slider bun I chose to use is our 1 oz brioche bun from Au Pain Dore.  It provides the perfect amount of sturdiness to hold all saucy goodness, yet is soft enough to melt in your mouth right along with the short ribs.  They are perfect when sliced and slightly griddled in a buttered pan.

Although I am fairly detailed when I write recipes, I urge you to customize to your preferences-  I believe food is not love without your personal touch- So if you don’t care for Guinness that this recipe calls for, use a different beer,  If you don’t like beer at all, use red wine.  If you want to change the cheese, go for it.  There aren’t any rules here.  As long as the basics are adhered to, you can customize to your liking.

Happy Cooking