Waldorf Chicken Salad

This week I wanted to highlight a century old classic American dish and attempt to update it, creating a hearty fall friendly sandwich.  The Waldorf Salad dates back to the late 1800's and pairs many different flavors such as apple, grapes, walnuts, and sometimes a pungent cheese such as gorgonzola.  I thought it would be nice to incorporate these flavors into a standard chicken salad recipe, transforming the traditional and mundane into something a little more exciting.  This sandwich has multiple textures, is brimming with fresh flavors, and is the perfect partner for a rainy afternoon lunch.

I folded in small-diced crispy apple for the crunch element, added sliced red grapes for a nice hint of sweetness, and layered on some soft boston lettuce for  freshness.  Finally, I melted some pungent gorgonzola on the inside of the sandwich to really take the flavors over the top.  It all gets built on our Boulart Raisin-Walnut Miche Loaf that i cut slices out of and built the hearty sandwich on. The nutty, fruity and almost malty flavors of the dense ciabatta sets this sandwich apart.