Customer Feature: Naumkeag Salem, MA

This week I brought a video camera and an appetite to Downtown Salem's newest rising star restaurant Naumkeag Ordinary.  Chefs Scott Jensen and Todd Bekesha are cranking out a phenomenal menu that is never short on flavor or imagination.  Scott was kind enough to demonstrate a new item to the menu, the Naumkeag Burger, or to the staff and regulars, the "Keag Burger".

This burger behemoth boasts a ten ounce custom-grind patty, cave aged cheddar, whole grain mustard and bacon aioli, house made pulled pork, and a fried egg.  This sinfully decadent creation is all housed inside a TomCat Onion Brioche Bun and served alongside their house-made poutine fries.  Click the video to see Chef Scott Jensen demonstrate.  Enjoy.