What makes up our artisan bread? Part Two.

Last week, we touched on the crumb of the artisan bread.  That soft and porous interior that we all love.  The artisan bread experience wouldn't be the same with out the crust, however.  The thin and perfectly crisp crust of an artisan loaf provides the optimal amount of contrast to what lies beneath.  That golden crust can only be achieved by baking the bread directly on the bottom surface of the oven. In some cases, such as with our Au Pain Dore line, they bake in a volcanic stone oven, adding its own subtle characteristics to its addictive crispy thin crust.

The attention to details, usually end up making some of the biggest differences.  Boulart Bakery, for instance, uses a state of the art temperature controlled facility to ensure the ambient air temperature doesn't vary too much.  This produces an extremely consistant result loaf after loaf, whether they are baking in the coldest winter months or summer scorchers .  The rustic loaves in our Tribeca Ovens line are hand formed and hand scored, ensuring a baker is performing top notch artisan craftsmanship. It all boils down to attention to detail, time honored traditions and pride of craftmanship...Thats what sets these bakeries part from their competition. Enjoy!

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