What exactly makes up our artisan bread?

There are many characteristics to what makes our Boulart bread different from other breads on the market. Today, I am going to highlight my favorite part: The Crumb.

    Crumb is a term used in the baking industry to define the inside of the bread. That soft and warm porous interior that can only be achieved by adhering to certain principles that Boulart takes very seriously.  

    It all starts with the selection of only top quality ingredients.  When you are only dealing with a few ingredients, it is important to select only the best untreated, and unbleached flour for instance.  Carefully sourced sea salt and filtered water also play a big role.  In my opinion though, the most important ingredient won't be listed with the others, because it isn't a palpable one.  It's time. 

     By giving the dough the proper fermentation period, it allows the bread to develop all the subtle nuances of its flavor and aroma.  This is one of the main reasons Boulart ciabattas boast such a beautifully luxurious cream colored interior.  It is soft, yet meaty, and has come to be known as the "honeycomb crumb" because of its unique cell structure set up by the fermentation process. Its the perfect example of how a strong commitment to quality ingredients paired with time honored traditions yields only the finest results.

    As perfectly delightful as the breads interior is, it wouldn't be the same if it wasn't encapsulated by that wonderful Boulart crust....check back next week to see what makes the crust second to none.