The Reuben

            For the last 15 years or so, I have spent the week leading up to St. Patrick's day brining, cooking, and slicing red corned beef brisket in preparation for the mid march celebration of all things Irish.  Many time over this period, while virtually knee deep in Corned Beef and Cabbage prep, I have sworn off ever eating the dish synonymous with the Irish holiday.  While my loyalty to the boiled dinner has wavered through the years, my love for the Rueben sandwich has not.

            Whether it is thick cut tender corned beef or paper thin deli style, I always enjoy a well made Rueben.  As long as it starts with a nice quality rye, is assembled properly and griddled nicely, the century old classic sandwich recipe stands in as a nice lunch or dinner option.

            I love the pumpernickel from Jessicas Brick Oven for a nice hearty Rueben.  While you will see most offerings on marble or light rye, I find Jessica's pumpernickel a little more dense and able to house all the ingredients without falling apart and getting sloppy: an all to common occurrence among the Reuben.

            As always, quality ingredients make a quality sandwich.  Grab some Authentic artisan rye bread, good quality corned beef, sauerkraut and some cheese that melts really well.  If you are going to go gourmet, I love Emmental or Gruyere Cheese because of its great melting quality and mild nutty flavor, but Finlandia Swiss never steered anyone wrong. 

            So, griddle up some Rueben sandwiches, pour your self a a Pint of Guiness and enjoy with friends.  Everyone is Irish come Monday.

Happy Cooking,