When you think of LaVallees, you probably think of artisan bread…and rightfully so.  While we do have a strong grasp on a second to none bread selection, we also offer so much more. This week I'd like to touch on our fantastic cookies offerings from Michael's cookies.  

            We offer a nice selection of traditional, as well as outside the box flavors in both 2 and 3 oz ready to bake portions.  The ease of use with these cookies is incredible: Just tray up, bake, and serve.

            My hands down favorite is the Lemon Poppyseed cookie.  It is sweet, but not too sweet, and the subtle lemony zip pairs perfectly with the poppy seeds. 

            As an ode to the first day of spring ( and hopes of more spring like conditions to come) I love to sandwich two of these around my favorite ice cream ( key lime).  Sometimes I even dust the sides with finely crushed graham crackers.  This serves as the perfect gourmet ice cream sandwich and after dinner treat.  A quick and easy citrus laced desert that can be made ahead and left in the freezer for when you need it.

            Aside from the Lemon Poppy, we also offer other flavors such as cappuccino chocolate chip, peanut chip and fudge nut brownie. More standard offerings such as chocolate chunk, vanilla sugar, and oatmeal raisin round out LaVallee's cookie selection.

            Michaels cookies are an all natural, top of the line option in the ready to bake cookie department.  I have tasted nearly every ready to bake cookie out there, and these are the best out there, utilized by the finest hotels, caterers and restaurants in Boston and beyond.