What do you call it?

It's one of the most simple breakfasts, consisting of only 3 ingredients, but  it always seems to make a weekend morning feel more special.  In my house we call it a "bullseye" but chances are, every single person reading this right now calls it something different.  Perhaps you called it "eggs in a basket", "toad in the hole", a" one eyed jack" or a "bird in the nest".  It seems every family has their own name for it, and many monikers are still being created: My kids refer to this is "Eggy Toast" for instance.

Quite simply, its a slice of toast with a hole cut to of the center, which you fry an egg inside of the hole while the bread is toasting.  All you need is eggs, bread and butter.  Tribeca's Challah Pullman is great for this because the unsliced loaf allows you to control the thickness of the bread.  The richness of the challah  coupled with a slightly runny egg equates to perfect breakfast harmony.  The Challah pullman is also the hands down favorite for french toast (but that’s a different conversation entirely).  Another one of my favorites is the sourdough pullman loaf from the same bakery.  Tribeca makes a myriad of beautiful small batch artisan breads perfect for any breakfast application.

So this weekend, brew some coffee, break out some top quality artisan bread and eggs and serve up some…., I will let you decide what to call it.