Product Profile: The Silver Dollar Slider

             Over the last year or so, I have noticed a trend among hotels and caterers.  While the slider trend is nothing new, it seems that it has started to re-invent itself by going even smaller.  Shared plate concepts are at an all-time high, and chefs seem to be gravitating to 1.5- 2 bite appetizers. 

             Our new silver dollar slider from Tom Cat Bakery proves to be the perfect vehicle for this.  Two inches in diameter and hand made by skilled bakers from brioche dough, the silver dollar slider is rich, slight sweet and tender.  The addition of whole eggs, sugar and top quality butter make this all possible.  The silver dollar has a radiant shiny top thanks to the egg wash before baking.

            The golden crumb accentuates the richness of the dough, telling you that this is brioche made by people who know brioche.  The deep golden brown exterior showcases the perfect contrast between crust and crumb.  The 2" diameter holds a 1.5 oz burger patty nicely, perfect for a sophisticated yet comforting cocktail appetizer at your next catered affair.  This item is ready to go for the upcoming busy catering season!  Enjoy.

silver dollar1.jpg