Boston Strong

This week I decided to not write about food.  Instead, I wanted to touch upon what an important week we are in right now, a week that will always have memories and reflection every year going forward.  You have undoubtedly seen many TV specials, news reports, water cooler conversations and Facebook posts about many different topics surrounding last years marathon bombings; the recovery of victims, the honoring of first responders, the memorials to the fallen.

It seems that everyone will always remember where they were, how they heard, and how it affected their lives.  I vividly remember learning about what happened via a phone call from a co worker- I had been listening to music while driving and knew nothing of what was going on.  The ensuing hour was a stressful one, as i frantically tried to reach the handful of friends and family I knew had spent the day in Boston to celebrate Marathon Monday.  Thankfully, I gained contact with everyone I knew, and no one was hurt.

Personally, I try to keep to a fairly simple mantra.  Instead of focusing on the past, I try to move forward.  It's impossible to change the past, but it is really easy to learn from it and apply it to the future.  I love the fact that that's precisely what Boston has done.  While the memorials have been more than fitting, and the sting will always be there for those affected, Im proud of the city and surrounding communities for how they responded in the wake of the 2013 marathon.  This was clearly an act of hate, and you just can't fight hate with more hate.  It just doesn't work.  Instead the city banded together, galvanized by pride, bravery and positivity.  

Thankfully, because of the reaction of the city and its citizens, my most vivid memories of that week are not the horrible ones.  It's the parade of officers through Watertown streets after the apprehension of the bombing suspect.  It's Big Papi's iconic pre game speech (F bomb and all) at the first Fenway game after the bombing.  It is the droves of people who came out to that game, to cheer or their Sox, as if it were any other beautiful mid April Saturday.  One year ago we showed the world that we are strong.  Boston Strong.