The tiniest grilled cheese

After my last blog about the oh-so-tiny silver dollar slider roll, I thought I would follow up with another Tom Cat product that can be utilized in a unique way.  

            The Parker House Pan Roll is a buttery dinner roll that boasts a soft and slightly sweet crumb, and is shaped like a traditional pullman loaf of bread.  Because it is a variety of a dinner roll that was created right here in the Bay State at the Omni Parker House in the late 1800's, its a nod to classic americana.  In fact, its still served at the landmark hotel to this day.

            While the traditional usage is to serve this to start a meal, I thought I would suggest something I stumbled upon recently.  Like I said, this is shaped like a traditional loaf of bread, so one day, I decided to treat it just like that.  I sliced about 6 slices end to end and built 3 mini grilled cheese sandwiches.  The soft and buttery parker house roll lends itself perfectly to the griddle, because the mini bread slices toast perfectly with a little bit of butter.  

            This would be the perfect application for passed appetizers at a wedding or cocktail reception.  I've seen recently that people seem to be gravitating towards comfort food presented in a gourmet fashion . A first hand example of this is the hamburger and mac and cheese phenomenon we have seen unfold first hand over the last few years.  The Parker House Pan Roll would be the perfect foundation to built your ultimate mini grilled cheese. 

             Think of the bread as your canvas.  A beautiful fig jam and caramelized onions inside a decadent gruyere grilled cheese?  Maybe a bacon and stilton blue cheese variety?  Perhaps a classic croque monsieur preparation?  The key is being able to pack as much flavor into these two bites as you can.  The possibilities are endless.  

            Let your imagination run, and create your own signature mini grilled cheese with our Tom Cat Parker House Pan Roll.  

Happy Cooking!

tiny grilled cheese1.jpg
tiny grilled cheese2.jpg