Opening Day

Here we are again.  Early April.  As a die hard baseball fan, this is my “New Year.”  Baseball is underway, and those scattered clumps of dirty snow you see still hanging around is only one warm day away from being history.  The start of the baseball season signals a rebirth, a fresh start, a brief moment when even if you are a Cubs fan, your team has a chance. 

Over the last ten years, this day has drastically changed.  It used to be a “forget about what happened last year” mentality.  Now, with the Red Sox defending their World Series trophy, and scheduled to receive their world series rings today, it’s more like “ lets pick up where we left off.

If you are lucky enough to score an opening day ticket, its great to get to the Kenmore area early and take in all the buzz. There is nothing like being in the greatest ball park in America in the greatest city in America on opening day.  There is also a long list of fabulous places to check out before or after the game.

You cant go wrong with the Standard Burger at Eastern Standard to help fuel you through the opening day festivities, and because they are right in Kenmore, they are well trained in the art of the pre game rush.  They cater to the game day Fenway crowd very well, as well as doing an incredible job for patrons who aren’t rushing off to catch the first pitch.   Petit Robert also is a great option, with some very traditional French items as well as some very creative ones. The “Burger Dog” is a uniquely shaped burger (hence the name) and the large Parisian style hot dog with cheese are great options, and both served on a beautiful baguettine roll.

Rounding out my top three best options in the Fenway area is on the opposite side of the park.  Sweet Cheeks Barbeque churns out top quality barbeque in a relaxed setting.  Former Top Chef contestant Tiffany Faison does a wonderful job with traditional southern barbeque: an option you don’t see a ton of in the city of Boston.

This is just a short list of the many establishments that the Fenway area has to offer.. You won’t go hungry if you find yourself in Kenmore Square looking to grab a bite to eat before or after the game.  Happy Opening Day! GO SOX!