Barbeque Hawaiian Flatbread

Coming into Memorial Day weekend, I thought it would be cool to blog about the upcoming grilling season and provide a few outside the box ideas different from your typical backyard barbeque fare.  Over the next few weeks I will highlight a different recipe or technique that will help make you the toast of the weekend cookout ( just leave the ambrosia salad at home).

The first product I wanted to highlight in LaVallee Summer Grilling Series is a phenomenal flatbread pizza crust from Top Shell in Rhode Island.  Every pizza crust is proofed using olive oil, hand stretched, and wood grilled over a Canadian Maple at temperatures exceeding 1200°!  The result is a perfectly grilled pizza crust with a hint of smokiness and tons of character.  These crust can be used for a ton of different applications from Panini to flatbread and beyond.

Recently I topped the 6x10” variety with my favorite barbeque sauce ( Dinosaur brand), topped with some pan fried thick cut uncured bacon, and roasted pineapple.  I then finished it with some sharp cheddar and a few crumbles of Vermont goat cheese and fresh basil from my garden.  A few minutes under the dome of my grill, and a no fuss, interactive and fun dinner was served on the deck.  I love to use the small rectangle variety when entertaining, because it allows me to create a few different varieties for everyone to mix and match.

LaVallee’s offers five different size varieties of this excellent pizza crust from 10” rounds and larger, as well as two sizes rectangle.  Grab some Top Shell pizza crusts and get your creative juices flowing.  The sky is the limit.

Happy Cooking,