The Ultimate Steak Sandwich

Part Three of the LaVallee's Summer Grilling Series: The Ultimate Steak Sandwich.

I recently realized that my love for the French Dip sandwich (my all time favorite) stems out to other steak sandwiches as well. The Steak sandwich, and my NY Strip Sandwich on TomCat Asiago Foccacia is no exception.  Simplicity and the use of great ingredients are paramount in executing any great steak sandwich. With this Sirloin sandwich, it becomes real important not to over complicate: quality sirloin, great cheese, amazing bread, and just a few accoutrements to round out the experience.

This is something you can throw together in 20 minutes or so, if you set yourself up correctly and do some marinating beforehand.

I like to start with a nice well-marbled NY sirloin steak. Usually a 14-16 oz beauty yiels enough for two generous steak sandwiches.  A simple marinade of balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and Worcesterire sauce ( all ¼ cup) provide a nice base for the marinade.  From here I add a little sriracha for heat.

I coat the steaks in the marinade and marinate anywhere from 1 -4 hours with this.

A quick gorgonzola sauce, some sweet caramelized Vidalia onions and a little peppery arugula all work harmoniously with the steak,  and are held together with the most important ingredient: TomCat 3x7 Asiago Foccacia Rolls.

The Steak gets grilled to your liking ( I prefer medium rare)for about 4-5 minutes per side. Feel free to use a Ribeye steak if that suits you better, or skirt steak would also fill in nicely.  After letting the steak rest, I slice the steak against the grain in about 1/8 of an inch slices.  I quickly grill the cut sides of the rolls to warm them up, and smear a quick gorgonzola sauce on each side of the bread.  My gorgonzola sauce is a traditional béchamel sauce with copious amounts of gorgonzola added at the end until its all incorporated together as a beautifully pungent blue cheese sauce.

I then pile on the steak slices, top with caramelized onions, and finally a tuft of baby arugula to add a bit of freshness.  What you are left with is a gorgeous steak sandwich fit for any carnivore.

As always, feel free to reach out on twitter @artisandoughboy for any questions of pointers, and follow me on instagram at the same handle- @artisandoughboy.  Summer is here people, get grilling!