The Breakfast Sandwich of All Breakfast Sandwiches

Sometimes all you need is 5 great ingredients to turn the mundane into sublime.  Everyone reading this has undoubtably had that omnipresent fast food breakfast sandwich.  That lifeless english muffin with a rubbery egg, adorned by not-so crisp bacon and bland american cheese.  Well, it can be better. A lot better.  With just a few upgrades this Ultimate egg sandwich with have you singing in the morning, and its a snap to throw together.

It all starts with a beautiful artisan Butter Croissant from Bridor.  I prefer our 2.2 oz "Perfect Straight" croissant.  Light with a fluffy interior, but just rich enough to satisfy your morning cravings. A quick folded egg, some nice crispy applewood smoked bacon, a slice of flavorful pepperjack cheese and the pièce de résistance, a perfectly ripe avocado.

All these ingredients get nustled in that warm buttery croissant to harmonize as a the consummate cup of coffee's companion.  I like to split the croissant lengthwise creating a hinge, and quickly griddle the cut sides of the croissant.  This creates a little bit more of stability for the fillings. Layer the individual ingredients as you seem fit, and viola! breakfast is served.

Happy Cooking