ACE Bakery was started in 1993 in Toronto, Ontario at a small bakery café using a stone-deck oven to make small batches of hand-formed artisan breads. Currently, ACE breads are made in a similar fashion using the simplest ingredients with no preservatives. Awarded Best Bakery by the Toronto Sun in 2004 & 2007, ACE is passionate about baking rustic artisan breads with a chewy moist texture and a satisfying crisp crust. Quality is most important, as ACE devotes time to follow European traditions and techniques in order to bake the best breads and baked goods that they can.



The perfect balance of crust and moisture makes Au Pain Dore the best-tasting and most consistent artisan bread in North America. American bread lovers crave the legendary taste of the old-world French baguette, renowned for its delicate balance of crust and moisture. Montreal-based Au Pain Doré combines centuries-old baking methods; the finest, all-natural ingredients and new-world ingenuity to create the finest artisan bread available this side of the Atlantic. Handcrafted and baked in volcanic stone ovens.


Boulart is an authentic artisan bakery. They have developed the technology, knowledge and expertise that allows them to make bread exactly as European traditional bakers do by taking the right amount of time and maintaining high quality standards, but with high velocity capacities. Boulart only uses natural and high quality ingredients to make their breads, and there are no additives and no preservatives. With a thin and caramelized crust on the outside and a soft, meaty crumb on the inside, these breads are among the most hydrated in the market which ensures a longer shelf life.


Bridor is a global leader in the manufacture of European inspired croissants and Pastries.  They are a market leader in Europe where their plant in Rennes France supplies croissants and Pastries to the most discerning of customers and chefs.  Bridor has taken their passion and rich tradition of French baking to North America where they are quickly becoming the leader in high quality, clean label, pre-proofed, pre-egg washed croissants & Pastries along with artisan bread.


Chabaso provides superior quality artisan breads with the promise of only all natural ingredients, with no preservatives. Long fermentation times develop flavors and textures to perfection. Their special ovens ensure great, thin crusts, chewy, moist interiors, and authentic flavors.



Piantedosi Baking Company is a third-generation family owned business focused on providing outstanding bread and food products of superior quality and service. From French baguettes to classic sub rolls, these all-natural, hearth-baked breads are renowned for their rich flavor and old-world texture.

Made by Chefs for Chefs, Tom Cat is spearheading the artisan bread revolution for the past quarter century. All Natural handcrafted "bench" made French, Italian, and American regional breads, rolls are what we offer. "Born & bread" in NYC, Tom Cat proudly serves the finest to those in the know. 




Tribeca Oven's small batch, long ferment and hand-crafted baking process results in bread with depth of flavor, open crumb structure and a perfect crust. Their care and attention to detail contributes to a superior sandwich or dining experience. Tribeca specializes in artisan loaves, focaccia, challah breads and dinner rolls.



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