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"I have had the fortunate experience of working with Andy LaVallee and his family for over 10 years.  LaVallee's consistently offers unique craft and artisanal bakery products to independent and multiunit operators.  Their portfolio is rivaled only by their service and integrity.  Doing well by doing good...LaVallee's is a privately held supplier, one that prides itself in developing long standing relationships, and leading through example within their local food community."  

Executive Chef & Culinary Director Paul Booras


"The exceptional and personal customer service, along with the high quality of items carried by LaVallee's changed my preconception of bakery distributed products."  

Executive Chef Mark Sapienza


"Soup and bread go together like a hand in a glove. LaVallee's allows us to concentrate on our soup making while they bring their delicious breads to our shops. The breads we use both for our soups and sandwiches are baked fresh each morning in our ovens. This allows us to only cook what we will need and use for the day and this means no waste. We get our deliveries in our sleep and when we arrive at our restaurants, our bread is already there. Now that is service. There is a real family behind the scenes at LaVallee's and together they provide great products with their own warmth and style."  

Owner and Chef Marjorie Druker


"We've been doing business with LaVallee's for over 35 years. Their bread is a big hit with our customers, and their service is a big hit with us."  

Owner Joe Nocera


"LaVallee's extended ordering schedule makes it easier for our chefs to plan their inventory. That kind of service adds immense value to every roll we buy."  

Director of Operations Tony Karas


"We've partnered with LaVallee's because of their choice of products and 1st class service. I'm comforted knowing that I have found a company who is obsessed with bread and baking just as much, if not more, as I am."  

Owner Dean Chronopoulos